My name is Harold Treen. Here’s a little bit about what I do.

If you want to know what I’m currently up to, you can visit my Now page.

For Work



I currently work on the Design Tools team. When I first joined I did a stint on Instagram Web.

I worked at Squarespace for just over 3 years. While there, I built Internal Tools for Finance, Compliance, IT and Customer Operations. I also launched Squarespace Marketplace.


After graduating, I took a sabbatical to travel and do contract work. Clients included:

Notes that talk to all your services (https://dooly.ai)

Beautiful documentation made easy (https://readme.io)

Self-Directed Projects

During my sabbatical I also worked on self-directed projects:

Web service to create ebooks from collections of webpages (https://epub.press)

The Recurse Center
A self-directed educational retreat for becoming a better programmer.
Learned Haskell, gave talks, blogged, improved open source libraries and collaborated with others (https://www.recurse.com/)


During my time in school, I had the opportunity to work at some fantastic companies:

Software Engineer Intern - Vancouver, BC

Pivotal Labs (Acquired Xtreme Labs Inc.)
Software Engineer Intern - Toronto, Ontario

Microsoft Corporation
SDET Intern (Microsoft Office Division) - Redmond, Washington

Xtreme Labs Inc.
Agile Test Engineer Intern - Toronto, Ontario

More information can be found on my resume.

For School


Queen’s University - Kingston, Ontario

B.A.Sc. Computer Engineering with Professional Internship
(4 Years of Classes + 1 Year Internship @ Pivotal Labs)

For Fun

Because there’s more to life than software.