• Service that allows you to create custom ebooks from your favorite sites/articles/blogs.
  • Chrome extension to easily source content from your open tabs.
  • Other libraries/clients in development.
  • The evolution of Reedly!
Written with: Javascript, CSS, HTML, Chrome API, Google Compute Engine, NodeJS


  • Tool that allows you to inline your swagger with your code.
  • Generates a swagger file by combining inlined swagger with a base swagger file.
Written with: Javascript, NodeJS


  • Small web-scraper for searching for people on http://nownownow.com.
  • Built out of a hope to quickly find nearby people up to interesting things in the now.
Written with: NodeJS, Javascript


  • UI library for making an HTML containers background the HTML from that container.
  • You can see it working on every page of this site!
Written with: Javascript, CSS, HTML


  • You’re looking at it!
  • Jekyll based site with some customization.
Written with: Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Markdown


  • Tool for syncing local markdown files with readmeio.
  • Allows you to version control your markdown files.
  • Write docs in pure Markdown.
  • Support for having a staging docs site.
Written with: Javascript, NodeJS

Autonomous Quadcopter

  • Fourth year project at Queen’s.
  • Developed software for a Quadcoptor which would allow it to autonomously follow the contours of a room.
  • Worked with the ARDrone Quadcoptor and ROS libraries.
  • The project received honourable mention on demo day.
Written with: C++, C (Arduino)


  • Project I developed and lead for the Queen’s Startup Summit in 2015.
  • Created a website where users could curate personalized ebooks using RSS feeds and web links.
  • Site allowed users to follow their favorite RSS feeds, groups articles into “books” and publish their books to a kindle.
  • By the end of the summit we were the only team to have fully developed and working MVP.
Written with: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, jQuery

Cycling Vest

  • Bike Share Toronto Hackathon 2014, I was the Android Developer for “Team Locus”.
  • Project was a vest that could provide directions to cyclists using haptic feedback.
  • Would make it easier for cyclists to navigate a city without the safety risks of using a phone while biking.
  • Our project received 3rd place at the hackathon.
Written with: Java, C (Arduino)

Solomon Splits

  • Provides couples in the middle of a break-up a fair way of splitting their things.
  • Created in 24 hours for AngelHack Toronto 2014.
Written with: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML5, CSS

Phone Addict

  • A simple Android app for monitoring phone usage.
  • The idea is to use the data to create a metric of the user’s “Phone Addiction”.
  • Metrics could include: Length between checks, length of check, number of checks, number of pending notifications when check occurred.
Written with: Java (+ Robolectric for unit tests)


  • Android app for tracking what you did during those nights you “don’t remember”.
  • Would generate a timeline representation of your night showing where you went, what pictures you took, and what people were talking about.
  • Prototype app built in 24 hours for the Queen’s Startup Summit 2013.
  • The team finished in 3rd place (1000$ prize!)
Written with: Java