Super excited to announce that EpubPress is now open for testing!

What is EpubPress?

EpubPress is a service for generating beautiful ebooks from your favorite websites.

It turns this:


into this


Why would I use this?

Reading on an eReader is a much better experience then reading in a web browser.

  • eReader screens are easier on your eyes.
  • eBooks don’t require an internet connection.
  • eBooks don’t have distracting ads, menus and banners. Only. Content.
  • eBooks let you group information together (eg. “News from this week”, “Top 10 travel articles”).
  • Reading with a book is more comfortable then sitting in front of a computer.
  • Flipping pages is nicer then clicking through tabs.
  • eBooks are easier to share with friends than lists of URLs.

I could probably go on…

How is this different from other extensions?

Currently there are 2 main options for sending content to your eReader:

  1. Using a bookmarklet to send individual sites to your reader.
    • Causes your eReader to be filled with books containing single articles.
    • Time consuming to send articles individually.
    • Doesn’t provide a way of grouping information.
  2. Syncing entire RSS feeds to your eReader.
    • Creates books with WAY too much content (90% of which you probably won’t read)
    • No easy way to merge content from multiple sources.

EpubPress allows you to create eBooks with only the content you want - in one click. Super simple. Super flexible.

How do I get it?!

Yesterday I released an Alpha version of the Chrome Extension on the project page. All the instructions are there to get up and running.

It’s still early days (everything has been built in the last week!), so problems are probable.

But give it a try, and together we can work through the bumps :)!

Any issues can be reported to
Any feedback and feature requests can be sent to

Happy (e)Reading!